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* Three 3 acre pastures with  new 4 strand insulated, electrified tensile fencing and sheds/shelter access in each

* Two 2/3 acre 3 board fenced paddocks

* Four 12'x14' stalls with 4'x4' dutch windows, half walls with grills, drop down fronts, and sliding doors

* Two 13'x14' stalls as above but with 4'x7' dutch doors opening onto covered 12'x24' outdoor pens

* Stalls and aisles fully matted

* Overhead fans in summer

* Stone dust ring with full set of jumps

* Tack room, bathroom, feed room, blanket racks and space for tack trunks in barn

* Trailer parking

High needs horses

  • We have the facilities and expertise to provide high need care for horses recovering from injuries, surgeries or other health issues. We are two horse people living on site with a total of over 100 years  experience caring for all types of horses with all manner of special needs. 

  • We are prepared for and experienced with:

    • stall rest

    • graduated or limited turnout

    • hand walking and gradual fitness programs

    • aftercare of major wounds, surgeries or injuries

    • injections

    • leg or hoof wrapping, soaking or poulticing

    • eye treatment

    • scheduling and holding horse for treatment by other professionals as desired by owner

    • other treatments as directed by your vet


$45/day or hour of care or $300/week or by individual arrangement dependent on level of care needed

Pasture board

- 24/7 turnout with a small herd who get along

- We will rearrange horses to maximize balanced herd behavior so everyone is happy. 

- Use of all facilities



  • Grain with high fat and fiber, ration balancer,  alfalfa pellets and beet pulp all soaked or dry. Feeding individualized for each horse including owner provided supplements

  • High quality Timothy or Orchard hay or mixes as well as alfalfa for those who need it. 

  • Clean water at all times. We have troughs in the fields which we dump and scrub frequently.

  • Free access to rock salt at all times

  • Wood shavings over rubber mats deep enough for stalls to stay dry and comfortable for lying down. Sheds are also bedded and cleaned regularly. 

  • We supervise and/or separate horses for grain twice a day. Hay in field groups 3-4 times a day Additional feedings possible for horses on stall board.

  • Eyes on health check twice daily and treatment of minor cuts, scrapes and bumps as needed. 

  • Blanket changes or fly masks/spray as seasonally appropriate with owner provided equipment. 

  • Holding horses for routine vet and farrier visits and a regular deworming schedule at owner's expense.

Short term

- Overnight or short term boarding with run out pens and/or limited turnout in our paddocks as available.

- Use of riding or lunging facilities as available

- See our listing on

- Rooms also available in the house - see our listing on Air BnB

$35/night including initial bedding for self care - we will take care of stripping the stall when you leave

$45/night for full care with your grain/hay/supplements - we will feed, water, turn out, bring in, change blankets or fly masks

$10 discount per night for 3 or more nights  up to 2 weeks or 3 or more horses

Stall board

- Day or night turnout dependent on needs and availability

- Turnout in small group in large field or with a matched partner or individually in a paddock

- Stalled when not turned out

- Use of all facilities


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